Sunday, August 30, 2009

Badminton anyone?

Heather and Clint decided to stop by Saturday for some hanging out with the Fam time. We went swimming but only stayed an hour cause it was cloudy and the water was a little cool. We then played some Canasta, had some dinner and headed outside for some not so serious badminton playing. The object was to see how many times we could hit it to each other without missing.
We were kind of just hitting around in a circle but spent more time laughing at everyone's dives for the shuttlecock than anything else. Some of us had some pretty good moves!
Of course the funniest things that happen never seem to make it on camera but trust me, there were some pretty funny moments and some awesome dives! We finally made it to 67( correction- 63) hits before missing...that is a new record for us and of course setting a new record deserved some happy dances.

Then we played a round with everyone on their knees which in and of itself can be quite funny but we took it one step further and played while lying on our stomachs! Anyone driving by had to wonder...

After all that hard work and side aching laughter we figured we had earned a trip to Zeppes.

This place just opened in Layton and Heather had mentioned how good their italian ice and gelatas are. She was right! I had a tiki fruit shake-mmmm! Thanks for playing Heather and Clint!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Day off for Austin

Layton High school was without power today so they sent all the kids home this morning just a few hours after they got there. I asked Austin to give me his best reaction to that news and this is what I got...

Okay, now tell me how you really feel Austin...No updates yet on wether there will be school tomorrow or not. What a way to start off the school year!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Kyle!

We had celebrated Kyle's birthday last week but He and Han showed up this weekend so the celebration has a part 2. Sorry no pictures:(
After Kyle opened his gifts on Saturday from Han, we headed outside to play some intense badminton but alas it was a bit hot and it wasn't very long before we were off to the pool to cool off. Austin showed off his greatly improved swimming skills (Seriously, he is quite good and creamed his father in a race!) We had fun playing beach ball volleyball and keep away, where i seemed to be stuck in the middle a lot!
Han made Kyle a pumpkin pie which everyone who likes pumpkin pie enjoyed later back at the house. We also played Apples to Apples.
Thanks for spending part of your birthday with us Kyle!
This post would have been so much better with pictures but I am not so good at remembering to ALWAYS have it with me.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend News

This week was Clint and Heather's one year Anniversary and Kyle's Birthday follows so we got together on Sunday to celebrate both. First, Happy Anniversary Heather and Clint!. We had their wedding cake top in our freezer. After a year it still looked pretty good!
Heather and Clint did the honors and cut the cake...And believe it or not it still tasted good!We gave them a gift card to Olive Garden. It appears that Heather is more excited about this than Clint but really Clint is trying to imitate the dogs face on the card.
Kyle and Han gave them a book of Mad Libs which provided much laughter for the remainder of the evening.I can't explain Clint's expression this time. After opening their gifts, it was Kyle's turn. Heather and Clint gave them "Quantum of Solice". Kyle is giving his best James Bond look.....

We bought him season 4 and 5 of "Monk", a show we all love to watch!I also got him his own hair cutting system so he doesn't have to come use mine anymore. He cuts his own hair and does a mighty fine job, too. We also bought him new sneakers and socks last week. I'd say he made out pretty good!Kyle requested Thai Curry Chicken for his birthday 1st time making it. It turned out pretty good but probably would have better if Han had made it. We ate dinner, unwrapped gifts, had wedding cake, then played Mad Lib and Loaded Questions. It was a fun evening! The best times I have are when my family is all together! Doesn't matter what we are doing but it is usually pretty fun!

On a side note, Austin comes home tonight after being in California for the last 8 weeks and I am so happy he is coming home. I have missed him this summer!