Saturday, January 21, 2012

Til We Meet Again...

Austin left on January 18th for two years to serve as a missionary in the China Hong Kong Mission. He will be an awesome missionary. The people of Hong Kong will love him as he will grow to love them. I have no doubt about that! We had an open house on the 15th . It was so crazy I didn't have time to get pictures - about 75 people were in and out during the day.Had to get a picture of Austin with this guy though. Jordan and Austin have been best friends for a few years now. Jordan leaves in May for a mission to Brazil.
Austin with Mom and Dad- now officially empty nesters. I think it's funny that he already had his backpack on- ready to go!
Squishes are the best!
See what I mean? Just brings a smile to your face! Austin loves his sister!
More squishes! Can't ever have too many.
Kyle can stand as tall as he wants but Austin will always be taller. These guys have had some fun times lately playing Xbox games til all hours of the night. My handsome boys!
It will be fun to see before and after pictures of these two together. Jane will be the one who changes the most. Uncle Austin will have to win her over all over again.
May the Lord keep you and watch over you until we meet again!