Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Austin- Senior pictures

Ryan Thompson ( RLT Photography) came to our house on Monday and took Austin's senior pictures. We decided to do them at our home and I am glad we did. They turned out great and it was hard to pick a few to highlight but here are a few of my favorites...Austin loves his retro sunglasses and I think he is quite handsome in them. Ryan got some awesome shots with them!
Love this orange shirt. Not everyone can wear orange!
The rocks on the porch made for a great backdrop.
Ryan took some shots of Austin in the middle of the road. Who would have thought?

This is Austin's swim hoodie - it says Passey Man on the back in case you can't quite read it.
A swim captain needs a senior picture that represents him and this is it! I love the water drops, too!

Yeah, He cleans up nicely!
Ryan took some missionary photos - just so we will have them when the time comes ( not too far away now!)
I babysit Jane on Mondays and who could resist snapping a few shots of this doll? Not Ryan!

Awesome pictures! If you want to see more go here- .

Friday, April 1, 2011

Meet the Lander

We traded our truck in for a Toyota Highlander yesterday. Not that we didn't like the truck - it has been a great vehicle but filling it up was a real hit to our budget and we really never used it much as a truck anyway.The Lander (as I affectionately call her) is big enough to tow something (like a pop-up tent trailer someday) but gets much better gas mileage. She is a Salsa red and I love it!