Thursday, July 30, 2009

Maine Trip - Part 3

This post is filled with some random things we did and random pictures as well...just for fun!
One of the historic (at least I think so) colleges in Maine is Bowdoin College in Brunswick where I was born. Kathy suggested we go check out the museum there so we did. Across from the museum is this church....
None of us knew much about its history but old churches fascinate me and this one was beautiful inside. Take a look...One of the things I love about Maine is the old homes. Especially along the coast. They were mansions in their day...I'm sure for the wealthy but today alot of them are used as B&Bs or Inns. I took pictures of a few of them to show my few but faithful blog followers.
This one is in Sommesville and is Steve's favorite. It is hard to see it but it is quite big and in such a beautiful spot.Here is one in Bar Harbor that has been turned into an Inn. I'm sure parts were added on but still...impressive!Another one in Bar Harbor. I love the character of these homes.
There are many similar to this one, some out in the middle of nowhere. A nice "little" farmhouse.These were a couple that I would love to be able to explore. I can just imagine what treasures could be found inside! This one below was a favorite of mine...such character!This is a smaller house but...IT"S PINK! Only in Maine! You can find just about any color house in Maine. Random picture.... here's my future boat.....
I know, wishful thinking on my part but boy, wouldn't it be fun! Lot's of yachts in the Harbors but this was a big one! Another thing that is unique to Maine(at least I haven't seen it anywhere else) is Candle Pin bowling. The balls are the size of a bocce ball and the pins are skinnier and straighter. Much harder to knock down but so much fun to play.

We played one night with Jamie and Kathy. My Mom and Fred came to but just watched. There aren't very many of these alleys left anymore.This pic is blurry but I had to put it up because I was showing off my 2ND place finish in our second game. I may or may not have been using a lane with bumper pads! We had a fun time despite the weather and me being sick. Maine is a beautiful place. I loved growing up there and never get tired of visiting and spending time in some of my favorite places.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maine Trip- Part 2

Warning: This post may contain a plethera of pictures!
We were trying to do a few things on this trip that we had not done before and my mother told us that there was a new bridge across the Penobscot River by Fort Knox so off we went. The new bridge ia quite impressive You can see the old one behind it. This new bridge has an observatory at the top of the tower and the views from the top really show you what Maine is like...mostly forest with rivers, lakes and homes here and there.Fort Knox is on the left and across the river is the town of Buckport.
Fort Knox was the first and largest granite fort built in Maine. Maine has 5 or 6 forts that I know of. This is the best maintained one that I have seen.
Kathy, my sister-in-law is sticking her head into the front of this huge cannon and Steve is pretending to light it...funny guys!Another view of the fort. It was really fun exploring this place. The next day Kathy, Steve and I went kayaking on a lake near Kathy's house. It was one of the few good days we had in Maine weather-wise.
I love this picture with the tip of my kayak showing. The water was as smooth as glass. The island in this picture was our destination... it has an eagle nest on it that we wanted to check out.
This is the female, watching over the nest When we came back by the male was there, too.
The male is sitting in the nest. He is much bigger than the female. I love being out in nature doing stuff like this! Saturday we had a family reunion of sorts at my brother, Jamie's house where we were staying. It was kind of a big deal because my father had not seen my brother (his son)Louie in about 20 years and for all of us to be together is very rare.Me with my two brothers, Louie ( the taller one on the right) and Jamie (the shorter one on the left).Resa, Louie's wife with their dog and my mother. Below is my dad with my Jamie's wife, Kathy.Steve was the master griller for the day. Good job, Honey!For some reason I don't have a picture of my stepfather, Fred. I could have sworn I took one. Anyway, the event went well.Monday we were off to one of my favorite Harbors- Camden with my Father and Stepmother, Kelly.
This waterfall empties into the ocean. Camden is probably the most beautiful Harbor town in Maine. At least I think so.The narrow roads are lined with fun little shops and art galleries. I love it here!
Tuesday, Steve and I headed off to Mt. Desert Island, to Bar Harbor. Another favorite Harbor town of mine. I also love Acadia National Park. Here are a few pics from there...
We stayed over night at a place called the Clefstone Manor. It is a very old mansion onced owned by Joseph Pulitzer( the Pulitzer prize guy).
Our room was great almost like we were taken back in time! I wish I had thought to take a picture of our breakfast there because it was awesome...baked apple crisp, fresh blueberry muffin and bacon, spinach quiche...Mmmm! What a great place!
We met up with some old friends for a night out...sorry forgot the camera and the next morning we took a drive downeast (which means we went further north along the coast) to Southwest. Northeast, Bass and Seal Harbors...all very small quaint fishing towns.
We headed back to Bar Harbor and booked a ride on a biplane! That's right! Just like Snoopy and the Red Baron!
The pilot sat behind us and narrated as we flew over Mt. Desert Island and a few of the 1600 Islands that are off the coast of Maine. It was awesome!. It was very hard to get pictures because it was windy leaning over the side of the plane and I really can't remember what the pictures are of for the most part but here are a few images...
These are some of the mansions on Seal Harbor. The Campbells of Campbells soups live here and Martha Stewart but her home can't be seen from the air. The picture below is a bed and breakfast place on an island. The owners boat you out there and back as often as you want if you are staying there.
One of the many lighthouses off the coast and Sand Beach on Acadia National Park. You can see how rocky the coast of Maine can be. When we got back to my mother's house she had a lobster bake for Steve...stuffed and cooked on the grill. Steve said it was divine ( I am allergic to shellfish).

There is still a bit more to come from this trip but I think I am finished for today. I will save the rest for another day!