Sunday, July 17, 2011

Something to write about!

Heather has been visiting for the last week and a half (the 6th - 16th) and we loved having her here!!!! It was so fun to have her home and to spend time with her. I didn't get a whole lot of pictures taken but she did so you will have to see her blog. She was able to visit with quite a few of her friends while here and we filled the rest of her time with shopping, playing games, visiting with family, eating (Red Mango, Sweet Tooth Fairy, Zuppas!!) at places Iowa doesn't have, swimming at the pool, more game playing and just plain hanging together.

On Thursday we met up with my sister Holly and her daughter Rachel at Thanksgiving Point. We went to see the movie "17 Miracles" which we all highly recommend to everyone. Be sure to bring kleenex though! We ate dinner after and enjoyed visiting and catching up. Not a good hair day for me...I had just gotten it cut. Everyone else looks cute though.
Heather and I sporting our new necklaces from a Paparazzi jewelry party we went to which she won the drawing at...WooWoo! On the way home from our visit with Holly and Rachel, we met up with Jen, a good friend of Heather's and enjoyed catching up and eating Red Mango together.
The time went by so fast and I started missing her as soon as we dropped her off at the airport but hopefully it won't be too long before we can visit again. Maybe this time Steve and I can make it to Iowa! Loved hangin' with (next to Steve) my best friend!!