Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

First let me apologize that there are no pictures to go along with this post. That said, it was a wonderful, relaxing Christmas at our house this year. A bit lacking without Heather and Clint here but we did get to Skype with them!
Steve and I didn't do much for each other this year- we mostly concentrated on Getting everything Austin needs for his mission. Probably not the funnest Christmas for Austin since almost everything he opened was for his mission but he was a good sport about it and even acted like getting sheets for Christmas was awesome!
We opened presents, then went to a wonderful sacrament meeting full of music. There was such a powerful spirit there. What a wonderful way to begin Christmas Day!
Kyle, Han and Jane came around noon and we opened more presents while Skyping with Heather and Clint.
Steve's parents and brother joined us for Christmas dinner.
Jane loved playing with her new toys- she kept us all pretty entertained. What a cutie she is!
The best part of any Holiday is being able to celebrate it with family!
And now, life is about to change greatly for us as Austin leaves in 3 weeks for his mission!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

UP House!

So, you know the movie "UP". Well Bangerter Homes actually built a replica of the house from the movie. It is located in Herriman and you can walk through it and take pictures every day from 12-5 thru December.The house is amazing and is as identical as they could get it including some of the inside.
Even the mailbox!
The chairs were custom made to match as close as possible the ones in the movie- notice the walker and below the fireplace mantle complete with accessories.
Gotta love this kitchen!
Two of the bedrooms were "make a wish" rooms. One a Toy Story theme- complete with all the characters from the movie,
and the other one was a princess room.
Loved these flowers on the nursery wall!

The master bedroom- also very cute...
my favorite thing about this house was this-
Austin's favorite room was the theater room - didn't get a picture sorry and the hidden room (there was a hidden playroom behind bookcases in the upstairs hallway). The house has been sold and the family will be moving in the beginning of next year. So fun to be able to walk through it. It's free to the public!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baby's 1st Birthday!

We celebrated Jane's 1st Birthday on Thanksgiving Day while all the family was at our house. She wasn't quite sure what to think of everyone staring at her and of all the presents. This one was a singing cookie jar with shapes that you put in it. I heard the song so much the next day that I quickly memorized it and found myself singing along with it each time it went off.To the tune of London Bridge sing along with me- "Shapes are in my cookie jar, Triangle, heart and star. There's a circle over there, here's a square!" Jane loved her cookie jar and carried it around everywhere the next day!
She also loves books and got a couple that got her attention.
Her first cupcake to eat all by herself. She was very dainty with it at first, just using her finger to get the frosting.
Eventually she dug in a little more but still didn't do too bad.
Time for a bath! Happy birthday to my little baby Jane- growing so fast!

Thanksgiving Fun, Family and Food!

My sister Kristin and her family came to stay with us for Thanksgiving. Since they were here we had the rest of my sisters who live in Utah and their families join us for Thanksgiving dinner, along with Steve's parents and his brother Brent. 30 of us in all. This is when I love having the layout that we have in our home. Plenty of room for everyone!The younger kids table - complete with silly faces!
Nothing but serious eaters at this table...
I love little Stephen's face in this picture.
And Holly's in this one. Yep they are Mother and Son! Everyone stuffed themselves on yummy food! So fun to have all of us together and especially to have company for a few days.