Saturday, January 5, 2013

Goodbye to my Blog...

To those few of you who have faithfully followed my blog... thank you, but I am no longer going to try to keep it going. I'm afraid facebook has won out over blogging. I just don't have time to do both and loading pictures etc on face book is much less time consuming so check us out there and thanks again for staying in touch!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Meghan!

Today is Meghan's birthday. She would be 28! It's hard to believe I could have a child that old! We visited her grave this morning and put some fall flowers there amid the snow...yes, snow in October!
She would have loved it and thought it the best birthday present ever!

 While we were there I took a few pictures of the mountains. So beautiful with the fall colors still hanging on! A beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful young woman.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I know it's been quite a while since I have posted. Being on face book seems a little easier to keep up with. I feel bad for any of you who faithfully keep checking for updates on here though so here are the happenings in our household.
Austin is doing awesome on his mission to Hong Kong China. He has been out for almost 9 months. He is currently serving in Tsing Yi which is a little island off of Hong Kong. His e-mails home every week are amazing as we see the growth in him.

This cute little thing is turning 2 in November and I love every minute I get to spend with her. She loves her Grandma and we have lots of fun spoiling her. She is learning so fast that I can't keep up with her. 
Part of our summer vacation time was spent with Heather and Clint as we did the Church History tour from Nauvoo to Winter Quarters and everything in between. They are expecting their first child on December 4th. Grandchild number two for us...another little girl!

I keep busy with my work at ADZ-N-ENZ, teaching Gospel Doctrine and chairing the indexing work for our Ward. Throw in a daily workout at the gym and a little card making now and then and weekly temple going with my good friend Libby and that about sums up my life.
Steve has just finished a year long job in Las Vegas ( I for one, am glad to have him home!).
We are hoping he finds something close to home soon!
And there you go...all caught up with the goings on in our lives.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

This is my favorite tree in our front yard. So beautiful in the spring!
 I know warmer weather is just around the corner when I see this tree in full bloom! Love it!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Missionary update

We received a letter from Austin's Mission President today with this picture of Elder Passey with President and Sister Yue-Sang Chan.

Austin is serving in the Sha Tin district. His first companion is Elder Wu, who is from New Zealand.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

He's Off!

Well, the time finally came for Elder Passey to leave the MTC...much to his delight! Steve always flies out to Vegas on Mondays on the 8:30 am flight and usually when I am dropping him off we see bus loads of missionaries being dropped off, too. We knew that the chances of Steve seeing Austin were pretty good and sure enough, they found each other.Austin looks great! He was so surprised to see his Dad. Steve gave him his cell phone to use to call me. I'd like to think that the big smile on his face in the picture below is because he is talking to his Mom!
He called again from LA. They had met up with a woman and her little son who were going all the way to Hong Kong with them. She was a member of the Church, too so she had taken them under her wing which they all thought was great! They also talked to a Catholic man on the plane from SLC to LA and asked him to read the Book of Mormon. They certainly aren't wasting any time!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Til We Meet Again...

Austin left on January 18th for two years to serve as a missionary in the China Hong Kong Mission. He will be an awesome missionary. The people of Hong Kong will love him as he will grow to love them. I have no doubt about that! We had an open house on the 15th . It was so crazy I didn't have time to get pictures - about 75 people were in and out during the day.Had to get a picture of Austin with this guy though. Jordan and Austin have been best friends for a few years now. Jordan leaves in May for a mission to Brazil.
Austin with Mom and Dad- now officially empty nesters. I think it's funny that he already had his backpack on- ready to go!
Squishes are the best!
See what I mean? Just brings a smile to your face! Austin loves his sister!
More squishes! Can't ever have too many.
Kyle can stand as tall as he wants but Austin will always be taller. These guys have had some fun times lately playing Xbox games til all hours of the night. My handsome boys!
It will be fun to see before and after pictures of these two together. Jane will be the one who changes the most. Uncle Austin will have to win her over all over again.
May the Lord keep you and watch over you until we meet again!