Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Meghan!

Happy Birthday Meghan! I love you and miss you. It's appropriate that it is snowing today. I can just here her now shouting, "I love the snow!"

Friday, October 22, 2010

Finally Done!

So do you remember many many months ago when I started making my very first pieced quilt? Well, after all the work it took to piece it together and quilt it, I decided I'd had enough and put it away. Enough time had passed that I felt I could now dig it out and finish it and that's just what I did...Not bad for my first quilt. I am going to hang it downstairs...as soon as I find a shelf with a quilt hanger on it. Click on the picture to see a bigger version of the quilt.

Monday, October 11, 2010

St. George Trip...Again!

Yes, we made another trip down to St. George - this time with our good friends, LeAnn, Tony, Lanelle and Troy.
We went to see the play "Crazy For You" at Tuacahn on Thursday night. The play was fantastic! They don't allow picture taking but I snuck this one in just before the play started. I love this theartre..1 because it is outdoors and 2 because of the location- the beautiful red rock cliffs in the background.
Friday morning we went to the St. George Temple, such a beautiful temple!
After the temple we drove to the Red Cliffs Recreation area for some hiking. The park caretaker there told us this was a popular hike because of the scenery and she was right...

A few fun nooks and crannys to climb through as Steve is demonstrating above.
The tree behind these guys was so cool- you will have to take my word for it though cause you really can't tell from this picture.

Our destiny on this hike was a waterfall but alas the waterfall was not falling with water. It would have been at the top off the picture below but I guess there is only enough water for it to actually be a waterfall in the spring. Still so pretty though.
To get around the waterfall (or where it should be) we had to climb around this rock ledge using footholds in the rock and holding on to a rope. I don't mind telling you that it was a bit nerve wracking because it was quite a drop but we all made it across and back, though some of us more shakily than others.
That night we went to "Benja's" our new favorite Thai restaurant. The food was to die for..so good. We had some sushi for appetizers ...
and these delicious dishes for the main course. Can't remember their names but oh so good!
This desert was made of sticky rice with fresh sliced mangos and a coconut milk sweet sauce over it. We also had one with a custard instead of the mangos which was my favorite. YUMMY!!!
Friday night it was back to Tuacahn to see "Tarzan" (the 2nd time for Steve and I and it also was a fantastic play! A Very fun trip with some very fun friends!!