Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Day Filled with "F"s-

A day filled with "F"s ( Clint and Heather may be starting to rub off on us!) Farmer's Market- We took a trip to Salt Lake to go to the Farmer's market... not alot of produce yet but we did get some peas, honey butter, hummus and salsa.

Austin, looking cool despite the warm temp. We met up with Kyle and Han there.
Kyle loves having his picture taken as you can see.

Friends- Every summer we get together with a couple families that we have been long time friends with for dinner and games. We enjoyed a great BBQ and got caught up on the doings in our lives Part of the gang hanging out waiting for the games to begin. Zack, Steve and Hunter and Hailey and Amanda. Bridger (below) used to have such a crush on Heather when she was his babysitter. I think he still might.
Tony had set up a croquet game that used three sets of croquet and went from the front of his house to the back. Half of us started in front, half in back. Tony is instructing us on the rules as only Tony can.

Each team began playing in their respective places

meeting in the middle of the side of the yard. Once you reached this part, touched the pole and hit your ball back half way on either side you were poison.

Eventually the teams came together and there were poison members on each team all trying to get each other out. It was very fun and very intense! We also had some basketball playing, badminton and some kind of a tagging game going on at different times. It's always fun when we get together with these guys!

Fireworks- We headed back to our house after and a fireworks show was going on that we had a great view of.
Fire- We watched the fireworks show while we had a fire in our pit and roastd Starbursts and made S'mores.
And that was our day of "F"s- Filled with Fun!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's day/Han's birthday

Father's Day and Han's birthday fell on the same day this year so we had a double celebration!
I took Han shopping last week for her birthday to buy maternity clothes and Clint and Heather bought her the DVD "Mulan". The cute top she has on is one of the shirts I got her.

Steve got a Jazz tee with the new colors from Kyle and Han and an Old Testament study manuel from Clint and Heather. Austin and I gave him a hammock. I was having issues with downloading so couldn't get pics posted of Steve and his gifts. We played games- Dicecapades and Bocce, and had a great Surf and Turf dinner (Steak and Salmon).
Steve wanted me to make him one of his favorite desserts- my homemade from scratch baked chocolate cheesecake...
I toppped it with caramel sauce, nuts and drizzled chocolate sauce. Can you say " unbelievably rich"? Look at this piece with the sauces oozing down the sides!

Happy Father's Day Steve and Happy Birthday Han!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Movie Reviews

We have seen a couple movies lately and since I have nothing else interesting happening in my life right now I thought I would share my views on a few that I have watched. First, in the theater...The Karate Kid. Jaden Smith is so much like his father in this movie. He does very well and is amazing at karate. It's hard to watch kids getting beat up even though I know it's not real and the movie is a bit long and slow in places but other than that I liked it. Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith play well together. I give it a B+. It is rated PG and has some mild swearing.
The next two are rentals. First is Young Victoria...
Steve watched this with me and we were both pleasantly surprised. The movie left us wanting to know more about Queen Victoria. This movie is about her beginning years as Queen of England and of the love story between her and Prince Albert, whom she marries. It was very well done. Steve gave it a B+. I gave it an A- ( probably because I love period movies). It is rated PG.
Last of all - Hachi...
This a based on a true story of a Japanese professor and his dog but the story has been changed to an american professor and his dog. This Japanese breed of dog is known for it's loyalty and that's what the story is about- the loyalty of a dog to his master. The story is very slow moving but very touching. Warning: I cried...alot! I gave it a B-. It is rated G.
And there you have it...that's what I have been up to on these rainy days.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Simple Memorial Day project?

Steve and I thought Monday would be a good time to get our park strip trees planted so off we went to J&J Nursery. We bought (on the advice of out friend Jeff who works there) three Snow Crab Apple Trees. They bear no fruit and have big white blossoms in the spring. Anyway, we thought- "We'll just hurry and plant these before the family gets here for a BBQ." We did get this one planted but the very first whole we dug gave us this nice surprise...

Projects are never as simple as they seem are they? Now we have a leak in our sprinkling system to find and repair. We did get two out of the three trees planted though and left this for the pros to fix. We spent the rest of the day playing yard games but I only got pics of our bean bag tossing skills.

I love some of the facial expressions... such serious players! Heather was our picture taker which is why she is missing from any pictures. After Kyle and Han arrived we had hamburgers on the grill. Hooray for summer barbequing!! Never made it to the pool today- a bit cool and way too crowded!
The day turned out nice in spite of the setbacks. I always love it when we can all get together, eat and play games!