Tuesday, April 3, 2012

He's Off!

Well, the time finally came for Elder Passey to leave the MTC...much to his delight! Steve always flies out to Vegas on Mondays on the 8:30 am flight and usually when I am dropping him off we see bus loads of missionaries being dropped off, too. We knew that the chances of Steve seeing Austin were pretty good and sure enough, they found each other.Austin looks great! He was so surprised to see his Dad. Steve gave him his cell phone to use to call me. I'd like to think that the big smile on his face in the picture below is because he is talking to his Mom!
He called again from LA. They had met up with a woman and her little son who were going all the way to Hong Kong with them. She was a member of the Church, too so she had taken them under her wing which they all thought was great! They also talked to a Catholic man on the plane from SLC to LA and asked him to read the Book of Mormon. They certainly aren't wasting any time!!


  1. So neat that Steve was able to see him off at the airport!

  2. aww...Austin a missionary! did they all look that young? We are so excited for him. It's fantastic that they met up with a member who was going all the way to Hong Kong with them.